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CI have not yet made peace in my heart with
Atsistamokon and I am going really to kill him
when 1 fire at him/

And3 as he was uttering these words5 she saw
him take up his muzzle-loader and load it with
real lead instead of the wad of buffalo hair which
she had had laid out for him.

His wife was very frightened, and when Pretty-
Young-Man stepped out of the teepee for a
moment to go into the bush, she ran up to the
head chiefs teepee and told him what Pretty-
Young-Man had said. The head chief of the
Crees returned with her. He went into the tee-
pee and picked up Pretty-Young-Man's gun and
took two large round leaden balls out of it, and
stuffed in a wad of buffalo hair.

The Blackfeet had known nothing of this.

The Crees all came on over to the Sun Dance
Iodge5 where twenty Cree braves were already on
horseback, ready to act out their part of the
encounter between Atsistamokon and Pretty-

We boys were all gathered around closely, so
that we could get every detail of the famous affair
and fight it over ourselves at the first opportunity.

Atsistamokon was sitting on his horse talking
with the Cree warriors, when presently Chief
Pretty-Young-Man came galloping out into the
arena^ mounted on a beautiful little piebald stal-